“I have consulted Shalani over the last few years over a range of health issues. She has always been very well informed & followed through diligently. She has kept track of my progress, following it up with genuine interest & care. She has when needed done more research & provided me with the best treatment, information & advice. Her passion & knowledge on each subject has not only been impressive but also contributed to great results.  She is always approachable & very understanding of the needs of her patients but at the same giving them the confidence to embrace a natural healthy lifestyle.  Shalani ‘s help has been invaluable to me in my quest for better health."

“My G.P. referred me to the Live Alive team due to high blood pressure and I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of exercise and restricting food intake. However Bruce’s approach of not too much too soon made me look forward to exercise. Shalani had me eating more satisfying food I enjoyed. After a few months my G.P. started reducing my blood pressure medication and I feel great, less stressed.”




“Your talk at our mothers group was really informative and inspiring – thank you. All the Mums are still talking about it. We would like to organise having you as a regular speaker to our group. We hope this is  something you would consider?”

“I like how she spoke about eating what is optimal for you 'now'...and that it is a journey with yourself. Great speaker!”




“This interview I found to be very thought provoking and thinking from a different approach. My son suffers from constipation and has for a long time. I have never thought about it from a stress perspective and getting that in check as well. Also the explanation about the gut brain connection and the egg and sperm making the cells was great. I have never heard it like that before and now makes even more sense. Thanks so much.”

“I just finished watching Shalani, it was terrific, I highly recommend everyone take the time to watch. Shalani is never disappointing and I love her passion as well as her amazing knowledge.”